Purchase Options & Instructions:


            My paintings are one-of-a-kind original creations derived from my imagination and inspirations. 
            I use professional-grade, quality materials. 

            The paintings are signed and dated on the front and back. 
            You will also receive a “Certificate of Authenticity” that is intended to remain with the painting in the event you transfer ownership of the painting to another party.  The Provenance of my paintings is important and I expect you will notify me if and when you no longer own my original artwork.

            Select your original Derek E. Taulman paintings and add them to your cart.  When you are ready to check out, follow the directions for purchasing and include instructions for delivery.  If you decide to purchase a Giclee print, follow the instructions provided on that tab for "Prints" next to the painting of your choice.
            After your purchase is completed, I will contact you to thank you for the honor of your purchase, and to discuss the shipping arrangements for an original artwork so that we can track its progress and arrival date.

            Insured shipping will be FREE within the continental United States for original artworks.
            The original paintings are shipped in sturdy, reusable fine art packing materials.
            If you desire Expedited Express Delivery or have other custom shipping requests, please email or call me to discuss your special requests.  If you call, I might be working in the studio and be unable to answer the phone, so please leave me a message.  Contact me for shipping costs and arrangements outside the continental United States.

            I look forward to pleasant and long lasting associations with all purchasers of my Artworks.